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My First Book – ‘Pages of Life’

June 28, 2010


My first book: an anthology of poems entitled ‘Pages of Life’ will be out very soon, it is under publication. This book has been a dream for me. It is for the readers to judge whether the poems were worth publication or not but I cherished that dream for long and now I’m happy to […]

Women’s Day

March 8, 2010


“We are cute daughters, sweet sisters, lovely lovers, darling wives, adorable mothers. We are a source of strength. We are Women.” A very happy Women’s Day to all the women around! Pic Src: Girl Child On Women’s Day today, a news making it to the front page of the Ludhiana supplement of ‘The Tribune’ made […]

The Touch of God

March 5, 2010


Pic src: Nature Have you ever felt like you had the best conversation with your friend even when silent? Did it ever happen that when you had lost all hope, suddenly you spotted a streak of light entering your life? Did you ever receive help when in dire need from the most unexpected quarters? Were […]

‘Without You’ – a poem

February 7, 2010


Pic src : Lonely I was alone when with you And lonely without you, No matter how I comfort myself I’ll be incomplete without you. This world where I live Is so scarry without you, I can’t smile to my self And say “I am ok without you.” My heart humbly asks “What happened?” “Nothing” […]

The Height of Optimism

January 20, 2010


Pic src:Life is Beautiful Yesterday evening, I suddenly heard myself singing, “Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I wanna grow up once again” (courtesy: a song from ‘3 Idiots’). That set my mind thinking. I travelled back to my childhood days of sheer innocence and pure bliss – the […]

‘A Search’ – poem

January 17, 2010


Pic Src: Search When there was darkness all around, when the black sky did surround, when every hope of light was drowned, where were you all the time? When nobody was there to lend a shoulder, when tears too did smoulder, when no one was to be the candle-holder, where were you all the time? […]

Faith, Prayer and Miracles

January 9, 2010


Original pic src:Running Poster created by: Amritbir Kaur “Life never leaves you empty. It always replaces everything you lose. If it asks you to put something down it is because it wants you to pick up something great.” Indeed, it is this belief in God that would keep us going in life. This faith provides […]