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Character of Macbeth in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

November 7, 2009


‘Macbeth’ is universally recognized as the tragedy of ambition. It is a tragedy, which revolves around the ambitions of a great, noble Macbeth, who aimed at becoming the King of Scotland and succeeded in achieving his objective by killing almost all of those who stood in his way, as well as many innocent persons. Macbeth […]

Imagery in ‘Macbeth’ – Part III

October 25, 2007


Today we’ll talk about the imagery of light and darkness. Light is the symbol of knowledge and goodness while darkness is the symbol of evil and theft. A deep pal of darkness surrounds the whole play from beginning to end. Most of the scenes that crowd to our mind are the scenes of darkness. For […]

Imagery in Macbeth – Part II

October 22, 2007


The other image which recurs in the play is that of robes too big and unfit for Macbeth. Indeed, from the very beginning of the play, Macbeth is aware that the honours due to a King are too much for a person like him. When he learns from Rosse that he has been made the […]

Imagery in ‘Macbeth’ – Part I

October 21, 2007


Commenting on the rich, vivid and varied imagery used by Shakespeare in ‘Macbeth’, A.C. Bradley says, “The vividness, magnitude and violence of the imagery…are characteristic of Macbeth almost throughout.” Indeed, from the very beginning till the end there are several symbols, similes and images invoked by the dramatist to lend to the play the characteristic […]