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Launch of LITERARY POSTERS Section

April 15, 2011


Hello Friends  I am launching a LITERARY POSTERS section on my blog LITERARY JEWELS. In case interested in acquiring the poster kindly drop a line at:  for the price quote, which will be decided according to the size that you select, the presentation that you want (like related to the lamination etc.) and the […]

DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2011

February 10, 2011


For the first time award was given at the Jaipur Literature Festival, DSC Prize for South Asian Literature. In January 2011, this US $ 50,000 award was conferred upon H.M. Naqvi for his novel ‘Home Boy’, published by Harper Collins India. The Chairperson of the Jury, Nilanjana S. Roy declared that while finalizing the shortlist […]

The University Wits

July 20, 2008


The term University Wits is applied to a group of scholars, who wrote in the closing years of sixteenth century. They arrived in London from Oxford and Cambridge University and significantly influenced the development of Elizabethan literature. The group included – John Lyly, George Peele, Robert Greene, Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Lodge, Thomas Nashe and Thomas […]

Poetry as Criticism of Life – Matthew Arnold

July 17, 2008


In his essay, ‘The Study of Poetry’ Matthew Arnold has presented poetry as a criticism of life. In the beginning of his essay he states: “In poetry as criticism of life, under conditions fixed for such criticism by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty, the spirit of our race will find, as time […]

The Elizabethan Sonnet

July 16, 2008


The sonnet, a poem of fourteen lines was originally invented in the thirteenth century Italy. It probably originated with Dante, who wrote a number of sonnets to his beloved named Beatrice. But the genre of sonnets flourished under Petrarch (1304 – 74) a generation later. The introduction of sonnets in England is credited to Wyatt […]

Role of Supernatural in Literature

September 6, 2007


Writers have from time to time experimented with different themes to weave an altogether new web in their literary works. The presence of a supernatural element has been one of the favourites with many authors.When Shakespeare made the ghost of Hamlet’s father appear before him in his drama ‘Hamlet’, it was merely that he had […]

Toadstone in Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’

July 25, 2007


Shakespeare in ‘As You Like It’ talked about toadstones in the following lines: Sweet the uses of adversity.Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous,Wears yet a precious jewel in his head. Even in earlier literature toadstones have been mentioned and many myths have been woven around them. They find a mention in literature as early […]