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Hamlet’s Soliloquies – I

December 8, 2009


The peculiar feature of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ as a play is that it is characterized by five soliloquies, each one of them being spoken by Hamlet on different occasions. They lend to the character of Hamlet a different hue and make the play a philosophical one rather than a mere revenge play. Some critics like […]

Grave Diggers Scene in ‘Hamlet’

March 21, 2008


The Grave diggers scene (Act V, sc. i) in ‘Hamlet’ has been frequently called as a definitive final scene in Hamlet’s journey. According to F.T. Prince, it is the scene in which Hamlet finds his way after stumbling through a jungle of emotions.The grave digger scene is divided into two parts; in the first part, […]

Importance of Opening Scene of ‘Hamlet’

March 11, 2008


As always, Shakespeare opens his tragedy with minor characters, who supply information about – the prevailing situation and the characters.It is revealed that the state of Denmark is in a state of chaos and disorder. This disorder has been prevailing due to the political event of the death of elder Hamlet and also the preparations […]

Hamlet’s Madness

November 7, 2007


Hamlet’s madness has been one of the most discussed topics among critics. The groundlings of Elizabethan stage were demanding. They wanted to see something new being performed on the stage. During the Elizabethan age the society at such a stage that they were experiencing the after-effects of Renaissance. They were still in the process of […]

Hamlet – "Had I but time…."

May 21, 2007


“Had I but time, -as this fell sergeant, death,Is strict in his arrest, – O! I could tell you –But let it be..” The Shakespearean tragedy carves out the poignant and dramatic transformation of the character involved, the so-called protagonist. Hamlet had understood the truth of life but ‘he didn’t have time’ to proclaim it […]