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The Power of Expression

April 27, 2010


Pic src: Jumbled words I have often reiterated in my poems and otherwise also, how beautiful a thing silence is! But then the importance of expression cannot be undermined. Sometimes we need to say the thing to get the message across. An ice-breaker is needed at times. Recently, I read a small story somewhere that […]

Some words…. (a poem)

April 20, 2010


Pic src: Half-written Words Turning the pages of life I found some words half-baked, some half-erased others half-written. Of some tales only the beginning… of others the end missing. Alas! Some words still unsaid some lost in the deluge. Some fell on deaf ears some left hearts untouched some hold my heart in place some […]

Random Thoughts

April 17, 2010


Pic src:Don’t give up Whatever we possess, we earn for ourselves. It is our actions that speak for themselves. We do not have to shout from rooftops what our accomplishments are; they need to have some strength in themselves to stand without any support. There is one funny definition of a politician: “A politician is […]

When I am not there… (a poem)

April 11, 2010


Pic src: The Decaying Flower When the visage fades away the words die down, memories gather dust and I waste away; then, my dear remember me… Just a stray thought in your heart’s lonely corner, and loneliness will go away. I would cherish that one corner in your heart for a while, then to disappear […]

Silent Time

April 5, 2010


pic src: Silence We all love to talk. We all would admire people who listen to us intently. But have we ever asked ourselves…Do we listen to others? Are we just as patient listeners as we want others to be? Many a times we would fail to come up with a satisfactory answer. That is […]