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Picture or Person

February 24, 2010


Pic Src: Beautiful Heart An old English proverb says, ‘First impression is the last impression’. I don’t know how true the statement is! And I say this because in life we can never be so sure and so we cannot make such sweeping statements. Sometimes a single encounter with a person is not enough for […]

The Terrified Man

February 20, 2010


Pic src:The Terrified Man We, human beings, tend to live in constant fear. No matter how hard we try we cannot liberate our mind from the ensnaring clutches of unwarranted claims exerted by the uncalled for fears. Why can’t we ever detach our mind from those binding ties? To enjoy the bliss of life in […]


February 16, 2010


Pic src: Bluetooth via my mobile (couln’t find in on net!!!) Trust is the basis of any relationship. How do we define trust is entirely our personal matter. We might call the thing subjective. Some might define it as the consistency of someone’s character, others might mean to say that they can trust a person […]

Humour – the Spice of Life

February 15, 2010


Humour has been called the spice of life. Laughter is the best medicine. What I want to add to it is that making others smile is a good exercise. This one is a healthy exercise for the heart. A large number of people indulge in damaging exercises like mud-slinging, backbiting, passing sarcastic remarks etc. All […]

‘Without You’ – a poem

February 7, 2010


Pic src : Lonely I was alone when with you And lonely without you, No matter how I comfort myself I’ll be incomplete without you. This world where I live Is so scarry without you, I can’t smile to my self And say “I am ok without you.” My heart humbly asks “What happened?” “Nothing” […]

The Last Scene of ‘Oedipus Rex’

February 7, 2010


Img src: Oedipus Rex In Exodus (the last scene) the chorus in the drama ‘Oedipus Rex’ sings about the insignificance of man. Oedipus wins fame when he answers the riddle of the sphinx. After sometime, he faces his own ruin. A messenger comes to him from the palace. He narrates to him what he had […]