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Disease and Wealth

January 31, 2010


Pic src:Keep going! One day disease said to wealth, “How lucky you are! People always vye with each other to get hold of you and I am so unlucky that everyone runs away from me!!!” To this wealth addresses disease enviously, “You are lucky that people remember God when they have you. It is I […]

The Most Important Question!

January 30, 2010


I present here an anecdote I read long ago in some newspaper. So I can’t quote the exact source here [poor memory! You’ll say…but that was really a long time ago 🙂 ]. But the message I wish to convey is loud and clear in the following lines itself. So here it goes: During my second month of […]

Natural Calamities and God

January 27, 2010


Pic src: God’s Wrath We all are aware of the recent calamity that had the island of Haiti devastated in no time. Since olden times, whenever there is a catastrophe, people have a tendency to say that it is the vengeance or wrath of God. A question that needs to be pondered over is that: […]

Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’

January 27, 2010


Tolstory was cremated at Polyana, at the age of eighty-one, and it was some months before he left his house because of the conflict between him and his wife. Both belonged to the upper class society but their sensibility was dramatically opposed to each other. Tolstoy loved the peasants whereas his wife hated them. This […]

Happy Republic Day!

January 26, 2010


Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls; Where words come out from the depth of truth; Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection; Where the clear stream of reason has not […]

The Height of Optimism

January 20, 2010


Pic src:Life is Beautiful Yesterday evening, I suddenly heard myself singing, “Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I wanna grow up once again” (courtesy: a song from ‘3 Idiots’). That set my mind thinking. I travelled back to my childhood days of sheer innocence and pure bliss – the […]

‘A Search’ – poem

January 17, 2010


Pic Src: Search When there was darkness all around, when the black sky did surround, when every hope of light was drowned, where were you all the time? When nobody was there to lend a shoulder, when tears too did smoulder, when no one was to be the candle-holder, where were you all the time? […]