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‘Recollections’ – a poem

November 30, 2009


pic src: PhotoSchool I relishingly recollect the much cherished moments, those that have stayed back those that never did backtrack; when I only had skinned knees when dreams were stringed to toys when nothing in the world was bad when all I had around were joys… The time of innocent wisdom and not of wise […]

Words are all I have…

November 29, 2009


pic src: Words Words are all I have…I consider them to be my best friend. The term ‘best friend’ says it all.•The words never make me feel lonely.•They are always loyal.•They don’t fail me when I need them the most.•They help me to be just myself.•I feel at home when I am in the company […]

‘That Place’ – a poem

November 28, 2009


There’s something amiss: I don’t know where, but the completeness is lacking… The soul yearns, yet, cannot be there; that much coveted place – a place I relinquished long ago. And now is the nothingness of being and existing. If life could be relived, if time rewinds itself, if fate could be written afresh, I […]

The film ‘2012’ and me…

November 28, 2009


Watched the film ‘2012’ yesterday – I found it to be quite an interesting and a brilliant film (P.S. This is totally my personal opinion as I have read reviews that have totally rubbished this film.). And I say this not just because of the breath-taking graphics of the film but also from the point […]

An Honest Confession

November 24, 2009


img src:Photobucket Nobody says a word, voices are hushed my dreams subdued. I made a mute appeal to vent the tongueless grief; and then… the barriers broken, silence speaks out when the words refused: it’s the heart that listens. Dreams don’t die then, they come back to me with a rejuvenating strength. Waters flow down […]

The Mantra of Successful Relationships – part I

November 24, 2009


“The moment you think of giving up any relation, think of the reason why you held it so long.” The relations are given the last priority in today’s modern materialistic world. A good relationship lies actually not in understanding a person thoroughly but in how well we avoid misunderstandings. The success lies not in moulding […]


November 18, 2009


pic src:I am? Who am I? I don’t know. Nobody recognizes me! An ordinary being am I to look at, but carry a world inside me. With a façade of disguised feelings, I chase a thousand desires: may be a day’ll come when my boat crosses the sea. Waiting for the cherished dawn – when […]