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Joseph Conrad as a Novelist

July 26, 2009


JOSEPH CONRAD (1857 – 1924) Conrad’s main pre-occupation remained with moral ordeal (severe test). He shows this moral ordeal in his treatment of characters. Conrad deals with style rather than the types, the style denoting the individual’s behaviour in the face of moral ordeal.Conrad was strongly was strongly in favour of the method of first […]

‘What if…’ – poem

July 22, 2009


What if I can’t crywhen heart is heavy,I still can wipe a tearwith my laughing eyes. What if I can’t flyeven if heart wishes to,I still can soar highwith daring dreams. What if words fail mewhen it is most important,I still can surely makemy silence expressive. What if I can’t havewhat I wish to,I still […]

Historical Background of Indian Writing in English

July 22, 2009


When under the foreign rule, every aspect of life in India was influenced by the British dominion – be it political, economic, social or cultural. Inspite of all other things the introduction of English language has been t he most enduring influences. The issue of language arose because of necessity of communication between the natives […]

The Real Life

July 18, 2009


pic src: Life need not be taken too seriously in the sense that we should enjoy the moments of joy, happiness, as and when they knock our door. We should not wait for some really big things to happen. Death is a reality and life is not because it is not static, it is […]

‘Detachment’ – a poem

July 13, 2009


picture source: The tree standing tall near the river bed, but never ever got a drop the yellow never turned red. The wait was eternal longer than life itself; there came thousand springs but soul couldn’t reveal the self. The leaves were buried the twigs swept away: grayed leaves dying underneath and the river […]

Saki’s ‘Dusk’

July 9, 2009


British author H.H. (Hector Hugh) Munro, known as “Saki,” taken by E.O. Hoppe Going through the story ‘Dusk’ by Saki again after so many years was a treat indeed. I could simply marvel at the writer’s casual and interesting narrative style. It was engrossing reading. The plot of the story is a simple and woven […]

God’s help

July 6, 2009


“A man was walking on a shaking bridge. He prayed for help. He saw God on the other side of the bridge and asked God to come near, but He didn’t come. Man got angry. With great difficulty, he crossed over to the other side of the bridge. On reaching there he saw God holding […]