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Reflection – a viewpoint

October 29, 2008


The word ‘reflection’ according to dictionary means different things – it is ‘a calm lengthy intent consideration’ (that is, contemplation) and ‘a remark expressing careful consideration’ (that is, observation) to quote only two of the various meanings of the word ‘reflection’.If we take the word in terms of our life and our personality, we will […]

Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’

October 28, 2008


The name of Oscar Wilde needs no introduction. He was a poet, a playwright and the author of many short stories. But all of us are not aware of the fact that he tried his hand at writing a novel too. The only product of his penmanship in the form of a novel was ‘The […]


October 27, 2008


Expressionism is an anti-realistic mode of artistic expression that flourished in Germany from about 1910 through the 1920’s. The German Expressionist painters employed expressive devices – like sharply angular lines unknown in nature and objects endowed with unnatural colour – in an attempt to suggest a new perception of reality.German expressionist dramatists such as Georg […]

Woof Contest – Oct. 24

October 25, 2008


Top 5 writings in Woof contest hosted by PlotDog PressPoetryRomeo – “The Natural World” – A short poem about nature and its beauty.Jennifer M Scott – “Seeking Sun” – An avant garde poem about fall.About Words / WritingKimota (Jonathan Crossfield) – “Time, Productivity and the Writer” – A look at how writing isn’t necessarily as […]

‘Impressionism’ in Literature

October 24, 2008


The term ‘Impressionism’ comes from the school of mid-nineteenth century French painting, which was in reaction to the academic style of the day. The Impressionists, as they called themselves, made the act of perception the key for the understanding of the structure of reality. They developed a technique by which objects were not seen as […]

Jane Austen on Pride and Vanity

October 20, 2008


Jane Austen has been my one of my all time favourites ever since I was in school. Although we might say all of her novels have a limited area that they cover (as a critic has said ‘she worked on six inches of ivory) but even in this restricted field she has given such valuable […]

‘Brevity is Soul of Wit’

October 19, 2008


Shakespeare in his famous drama ‘Hamlet’ writes: …brevity is the soul of wit, And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief… The phrase ‘brevity is the soul of wit’ owes its origin to this celebrated play of the ‘Bard of Avon’. But the phrase gained currency and now it has become a […]